Reading List (Favorites *'ed)


Crypto and Blockchain Websites

Per breakermag, these sites accept payment to write articles without identifying them as sponsored:


  • *Block Zero: Hosted by Kevin Rose, an accomplished interviewer
  • Blockchain Insider: Discussion of news events, some interviews.
  • Coin  Talk
  • *Epicenter: long-form interviews.
  • Hashing it Out (part of the Bitcoin Podcast Network) has very long and very technical deep-dives
  • Next: Blockchain: Amazon Prime film series by a journalist. History via talking heads. Good for newbies.
  • *Unchained: Podcast features long-form discussions with technologists. Hosted by Laura Shin, a leading blockchain journalist.
  • *Unconfirmed: Also by Laura Shin, discussions with crypto and blockchain leaders but less focused on the technology and more on other issues.

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