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Boston Cryptoassets Training, led by Andrew Rodwin, offers group and individual instruction on cryptocoins and blockchain.

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About Us

What are Cryptoassets?

Cryptoassets includes cryptocoins that span many functions: currency, resources, and applications.

This is a complex field with rapid, accelerating change.

With professional training, anyone with curiosity can understand cryptoassets and blockchain.

What we teach

We are experts in the technology and ecosystem of cryptoassets  and blockchain, not traders or financial planners.  Rather than provide investment advice, we teach the details of crytpoassets and blockchain so you understand how it all works, including:

  • Paradigm shift
  • Macro coin stats
  • Key properties
  • Comparison to gold
  • Market leaders
  • Volatility
  • Price drivers
  • Consideration as money
  • History
  • Demographics
  • Coin types
  • Social Media signals
  • ICOs
  • Cryptography
  • Networks
  • Blockchain basics
  • Transaction mechanics
  • Mining
  • Cryptojacking
  • Forking
  • Side channels
  • Wallets
  • Airdrops and Faucets
  • Exchanges
  • Derivatives
  • Smart Contracts
  • Collectibles
  • dApps/DAOs/DAICOs
  • Private vs. Public blockchains
  • Threats to banks and finance
  • Blockchain disruption by vertical
  • Regulation
  • Patents
  • Security and Trust
  • Raters
  • Tools
  • Valuation Criteria
  • Investment Options

Why Us?

Andrew Rodwin spent four decades working in high tech, as a writer, software developer, and engineering team Director. 

A cryptoassets investor since 2014, Andrew has spent countless hours learning how cryptoassets work through detailed research and practice, and keeps abreast daily of the tidal wave of change in this intensely dynamic field. 

Andrew provides training, research, and consulting services for wealth managers, educational institutions, and individuals curious about how cryptoassets and blockchain technologies are transforming investing, finance, and society. He specializes in clearly and simply explaining complex concepts. 

Andrew has taught at Brandeis University, Connecticut College, and Hobart William Smith.

Here is more info on one of our classes.


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Boston Cryptoassets Training

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